The Dodding’s Farm Watercress Railway


The long overdue story of the Dodding’s Farm watercress railway in Bere Regis, Dorset



The Dodding’s Farm Watercress Railway

Narrow gauge industrial and agricultural railways reached their peak in the early years of the 20th century and gradually declined thereafter, killed off by industrial closures, changing working practises and road competition. By 2015 there was only one left. A single railway remained at work on a watercress farm in deepest, darkest Dorset. Largely forgotten by corporate executives, the ancient locomotive ‘Watercress Queen’ plodded around the watercress beds doing what it had always done since the day it was made. Today, in 2023, it’s still at work, although the future of the line hangs by a thread. Railway author David Henshaw tells the story of the locomotive, the people who worked the beds and the railway that refused to die. The cover photograph shows the Creekmoor Light Railway’s visit to the line in May 1971. The lady in the front of the train is visitor Jill Waterman, accompanied by her daughter Carol.

Publisher: A to B Books
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