Forest Row, Exmoor Steam, Barton House: MR59


Featuring the latest updates on the Exmoor Steam Railway, the little-known Forest Row Light Railway in Sussex and Barton House in Norfolk



Miniature Railway 59

New ‘Museum Line’ at Barton House
If we say the preferred means of arrival is by boat you might guess it was on an island, but this is the Norfolk Broads.

Forest Row Light Railway
In deepest darkest Sussex, well near East Grinstead actually. A fascinating little private railway opening its doors to the public for the first time in June 2023.

Exmoor Steam Railway
Built as a tourist steam railway, the Stirland family rapidly discovered that the world loved their home-brewed narrow-gauge locomotives and they’ve built about 50 of them over 44 years. An affectionate look at this iconic company as Trevor prepares to retire.

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