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New subscriptions and renewals: Miniature Railway magazine
Subscribers receive four issues over 16 months, by post or as pdf files. Please note that individual digital issues are despatched automatically, but digital subscription issues are not.

subscriptions-renewalsPaper Subscription
Miniature Railway started life as an A5 paper publication and it remains by far the most popular format today, after 18 years. Most people find paper easier to read, more tactile, and more convenient. Debate rages about whether it’s environmentally ‘cleaner’. Paper consumes trees, and transporting it uses a fair bit of energy, but it can be reused and reread without using any more energy, and it can be composted and recycled. Digital looks cleaner, but transporting it and viewing it consumes energy.

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north-cornwall-seapoint-light-railway-brandhojbanenDigital Subscription
Please note that the first issue of your digital subscription will be despatched manually after the subscription details have been processed


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Digital & Paper Subscription bundle… the best of both worlds!

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