Miniature Railway 46 – Fairy Glen, New Brighton


Churwell Woodland Railway

Fairy Glen Miniature Railway, New Brighton


In Miniature Railway issue 46:fairy-glen-new-brighton

The Fairy Glen Miniature Railway (New Brighton)
The Churwell Woodland Railway (Leeds)
Plus Saltburn and all the latest news


The Fairy Glen

When the mystery photo turned up in Miniature Railway 45, we couldn’t place it. But several readers correctly identified it as the Fairy Glen Miniature Railway at New Brighton on the Wirral. The more we looked into the line the more fascinated we became, and inevitably we decided to feature it in this issue. It’s a long and complicated story, moving swiftly from Eastbourne to Essex, to the Wirral, and eventually to a little village in Dorset. Long, but well worth telling.

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