Stapleford, Roger Marsh & Tinkerbell, Torry Hill, MR8


When our 8th issue arrived in September 2008, MR was a little over two years old, and finding some fascinating features, including the 9″ gauge Torry Hill railway and the equally impressive Stapleford Miniature Railway. Digitised in March 2023



miniature-railway-8Stapleford Miniature Railway
With the wildlife park long closed, and the stately house sold off to a hotel group, you might assume that Stapleford’s miniature railway had gone too, but thanks to the determination of Lady Gretton and a dedicated band of volunteers, it survived into a well-deserved retirement.

Torry Hill
Continuing the stately home theme we journey from Leicestershire to Kent to visit another fascinating survivor: the Torry Hill Railway at Sir Robin Leigh-Pemberton’s country home. This is a very unusual 9-inch gauge line, and open only rarely to invited groups.

Roger Marsh & Tinkerbell
Roger Marsh was one of the real miniature railway innovators, and he’s best known for the hugely successful ‘Tinkerbell’ design. It can’t really be called a ‘class’ of locomotive because of the sheer breadth of variants produced, but it’s undoubtably one of the most popular designs.

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