North Bay Scarborough, Strawberry Line, Wolds Way Lavender, MR 7


miniature-railway-7Our seventh issue, featuring the impressive 20-inch gauge North Bay Railway in Scarborough, the more modest 7.25″ gauge Wolds Way Lavender down the road, and the relatively tiny 5-inch Strawberry Line in Keynsham. Digitised in March 2023



mr-7North Bay, Scarborough
This 20-inch railway has a remarkable history and remains the only centre for really large miniature locomotives in the UK, or possibly the world. The locos were built in the 1930s by Hudswell Clarke and are superb steam-outline machines. They do this sort of thing well in Yorkshire.

The Strawberry Line
Ground level 5-inch gauge railways are quite unusual, for all the familiar reasons of stability, so the Strawberry Line is already an oddity, having quite a large, exclusively 5-inch layout. The work of ex-railwayman Mike Bass, the line was not only ground level, but it incorporated a freight yard, motive power shed and even a hump-shunting yard for scale wagons. You had the strange impression of riding through a model layout. The railway’s still in the Avon Valley Country Park, but it’s not quite as interesting as it was.

Wolds Way Lavender
It’s a working lavender farm that incorporates a 7.25″ railway to bring the crop in, and give rides to visitors. Also in Yorkshire by the way.

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