Shuzenji-Romney, Mull & West Highland – Miniature Railway 48


Once again, we venture far and wide in search of the fascinating, and the frankly unlikely. But it’s all real, from Mr Breton’s 180-year-old locomotive, to Romney in Japan, and a 10 1/4-inch gauge railway on a Scottish island


shuzenji-romney-mull-west-highlandIn Miniature Railway issue 48:

The Mull & West Highland Remembered
Mr Brereton’s Locomotive
The Shuzenji-Romney Railway
New Minimal Gauge Locos
Upgrade to Lithium-ion Batteries


The Mull & West Highland

Dave Hill’s slide collection is back! In the mid-1990s, Dave visited the isle of Mull, and on one long, hot, beautiful August day recorded everything. We’re so glad he did!

Mr Brereton’s Locomotive

In MR45 a reader discovered a dusty, and clearly very old miniature locomotive in a Darlington museum. Author and engineer Richard Ellam took an interest and unearthed arguably one of the most interesting miniature railway tales you’re likely to hear. Mr Leatham’s loco is very old indeed – possibly more than 180 years old. But is it the first? possibly, but it now seems that Mr Brunel’s chief engineer, Mr Brereton, might well have built one even earlier.

The Shuzenji-Romney Railway

In a corner of Japan little known to Western tourists, you can find yourself on the Romney Marshes, or is it Cumbria? No matter, as in a strange dream, the locos and places are here to enjoy, but the next station’s Canada, which is a bit odd…

Upgrade to lithium-ion Batteries

Cars, trains, trams, motorcycles and even planes are going lithium-ion. We make the case for miniature locomotives to do the same, and come up with some money-saving tips on how to do it…


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