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the-pretenders-steam-outline-locomotivesThe story of steam-outline miniature locomotives
Steam-outline locomotives are often used on miniature railways in place of the real thing. You can see the temptation – they usually have electric start and simple hydraulic drive systems, so any summer-holiday student with a bit of sense can drive one. And smaller children prefer them, as there are no bells, whistles and hot, sooty bits to worry about.

Not Pretty
They’re not always very pretty to look at. Let’s be honest, some of them are absolute horrors – but workaday, and very much part of the scene at most seaside miniature railways.
This new book covers the sector in some detail from the very early years to today, but only the wider gauges, so there are no 5-inch or 7.25-inch gauge examples.

Publisher: Mainline & Maritime Ltd
ISBN: 978-1-900340-48-9
Weight: 200g

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Weight 200 kg
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