Bekonscot, Radwell: MR57



Fascinating and unique. Two words we use rather a lot, but they apply right through this issue



Bekonscot Model Village & Railway
Should you chance upon a narrow alleyway between two suburban houses in Beaconsfield, you might find yourself in the amazing, breath-taking Bekonscot Model Village, riding the Bekonscot Light Railway. It’s a place of endless superlatives and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit.

Strange Trains
No less surreal is the world of strange trains. We’ve only touched on it here, but we hope to come back. Read all about the half-timbered thatched cottage loco and the half JCB, half steam-outline ‘Sir Duke’.

Radwell Miniature Railway
Way back in 1928 and a visit to Radwell by the Railway Club. A different world indeed (they had permission to walk down the Midland Main Line to Radwell!) and a fascinating visit for all concerned no doubt.

Plus ultrasonic signal control, and all the latest news.


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