North Cornwall, Brandhojbanen: MR56


Truely international, from South Africa via Cornwall to Denmark and spanning more than 80 years, from 1939 to 2022


north-cornwall-seapoint-light-railway-brandhojbanenNorth Cornwall Miniature Railway

What an unlikely day out! It’s a 10.25″ miniature railway with everything…1:30 gradients, a tunnel, miles of sidings and a rich crop of locomotives. This private line is in deepest Cornwall, but it opens four times a year for charity, and the next date is expected to be October 2022… details to be finalised soon, we understand. For a video journey round the railway, search YouTube for ‘North Cornwall Miniature Railway’.

Seapoint Light Railway

An astonishing but true tale from far-off South Africa, where a 5-inch ground-level line was built to aid the war effort in 1939. It ran right through to 1945 and gave Hitler a proper kick up the pants, alledgedly bringing in £20,000, enough to pay for two Spitfires.


Brandhojbaden Miniature Railway

A world away in Denmark a dual gauge line has been built in a quarry. In a brief visit, we get to know this charming little railway

Plus all the latest news, and we pay a sad farewell to our late, great monarch Queen Elizabeth II


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