MR12: Great Torrington, Downs School


Featuring line profiles for the Great Torrington Railway in North Devon and Downs School in Worcestershire


The Great Torrington Railway
We visited this 7.25″ line at an interesting time. It had just been bought by the former Tory MP Piers Merchant, but not yet closed and auctioned off. A fascinating tale and a sad end, but the loco, rail and coaches all went on to work again elsewhere.

Downs School
School-based miniature railways are unusual, and getting rarer by the day, because of the curricular and financial pressures for state school, but a few private ones are thriving, such as the Downs School in Worcestershire.

Jonathan James provided a brief photo survey of two little known miniatures in Barcelona.

Plus Calculating Curves and the new book on the Blakesley Miniature Railway

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