Miniature Railways


Long awaited and fully revised edition of the book ‘Miniature Railways’, first published by Shire in 1999


miniature-railwaysMiniature Railways

First published by Shire Publications in 1999, this book has been revised and reconstructed, leaving only the title in common with the first edition! Written by our own MR editor David Henshaw, it runs through the genre of miniature railways from the very earliest estate lines to the modern scene. It’s a huge subject, but the book covers as many as possible, with a concentration on the more interesting examples.

Publisher: Shire Publications
April 2021
ISBN: 978 1 78442 440 4
Pages: 64
Weight: 150g
£8.99 plus total order p&p (£1.99 in the UK, by weight overseas


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Weight 620 kg
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