Scamp: The Story of the Scamp – the little loco with a big heart


Hot-off-the-press release for July 2020! The story of the Scamp – the little loco with a big heart



The Story of the Scamp

Scamp – Colin Edmondson’s cheeky little loco – is probably the smallest internal combustion 7 1/4″ narrow gauge shunting loco, with room for a full-size driver to sit on board. Designer and manufacturer Colin Edmondson has sold around 100 to date, both ready to run and as kits. Once a locomotive ‘marque’ reaches that sort of level, it has to have a book, and here it is. Colin has tried to include a fair amount of technical content for the enthusiasts and anyone thinking of purchasing a Scamp, plus the history of the design, and owner’s photos, proving that no two Scamps are the same. They turn up doing all sorts of odd and useful jobs too, and generally the driver’s face wears a silly grin! With locomotives, that’s usually all you need to know…

Chapter 1
Colin Edmondson, the designer of the Scamp, on his life-long interest in railways and engineering
Chapter 2 David Malton, Goliath – the A-level project that became the inspiration for the Scamp
Chapter 3 Chris Stockdale, “I have been a narrow gauge addict since my early teens…”
Chapter 4 The Genesis of the Scamp, from ideas and early design to a fully realised locomotive
Chapter 5 Building a Scamp, “If you can build a Meccano kit, you can build one of these…”
Chapter 6 Scamps Far and Wide – Owners, Scamps and silly grins…
Chapter 7 Scamp’s Rascally Offspring:The Tyke, the Imp and the Flyer.

A quality A4 paperback book, perfect bound, full colour, on 150gsm silk art paper with a glossy laminated cover
Publisher: Colin Edmondson
44 (paperback)

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Weight 620 kg
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