Cleethorpes, Beer Heights, Syon Park, MR 5


miniature-railway-5Our third issue, featuring the bombshell of the closure of the Forest Railway in Dobwalls, and the rediscovery of Tom Smith’s Bowleaze Switcher locomotive



miniature-railway-5Beer Heights
Peco makes a variety of model railway equipment at its Devon factory, but it’s best known for it’s track in various gauges. What better PR than a complex 7.25″ railway running round the hill-top above the factory?

Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway
The north-east coast is a long way from Beer, and the railway is very different too. This historic line is 15-inch gauge, and home to a variety of interesting locos over the years.

Syon Park
A short-lived 10.25″ gauge line in West London. Patrick Henshaw took some photographs one afternoon, and we’re glad he did, because it closed in 2005

Barrington Court Light Railway
Even rarer photographs! Barrington Court in Somerset had a 10.25″ railway, but it lasted a very short time

And lots, lots more, including the fifth instalment of our own garden railway project, started in 2006 when the magazine was launched, and the continuing saga of building our own steam locomotive, a Maxitrak Opal.

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