Auckland, Ayton Castle, Steeple Cabs: MR 54


Another varied edition, but we find ourselves asking a question. Are 10.25-inch gauge miniature railways heading for the endangered list? Poole Park, Mull Rail and now Paignton Zoo. Why are they failing so frequently?



Miniature Railway 54

Waipuna Railway, Auckland
New Zealand

A tiny urban site, but a lot of track, tunnels, trestles and fun, all courtesy of the local mechanical engineering group.

Ayton Castle

A very different 10.25-inch gauge railway in the Scottish Borders, transporting castle visitors the last half mile from the car park to the castle.


Paignton Zoo

Closure of this long-established line came as a complete bolt out of the blue in mid-January. We put together a potted history at the last second, together with details on how you can help the campaign to reverse the decision


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