Poole Park, Longleat, Maxitrak, MR 1


Our first issue, featuring two classic miniature railways: Poole Park and Longleat. Digitised in March 2023



miniature-railway-1Poole Park
This is one of the long-established, historically important 10.25″ gauge miniature railways, that has served the people of Poole and the greater BPC urban area for 70 years. When this article was written it was on the up, but a minor derailment later attracted the attentions of the council Health & Safety types, but it’s back in revitalised form for 2023.

Longleat Railway
This is one of the best ‘stately home’ railways – superbly maintained and engineered, with an interesting history.

Build Your Own Steam Engine – Maxitrak Opal
When we started the magazine we ordered a Maxitrak Opal kit, just to see if you really coukd build a steam loco for a few thosand pounds with simple tools. This was Part 1 in the winter of 2005-6. Brrr! Cold shed that.

And lots more, including miniature railway speed records, and the evolution of the miniature gauges.

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