Dobwalls, Articulated Locomotives and the Bowleaze Switcher, MR 3


Our third issue, featuring the bombshell of the closure of the Forest Railway in Dobwalls, and the rediscovery of Tom Smith’s Bowleaze Switcher locomotive



miniature-railway-3Bowleaze Switcher
How this unusually large 7.25″ narrow-gauge locomotive was created by Tom Smith and Patrick Henshaw for the Bowleaze Miniature Railway in Dorset.

Farewell to Sherman Hill
In the winter and 2006-07 we’d been told that only part of the Dobwalls Forest Railway would close, so this article was disappointed, but looking towards some sort of future for the rest of the railway. It subsequently emerged that the entire complex was in line to be swept away in one of the biggest miniature railway closures ever known.

Articulated Locomotives
One of the select group of school railways, the line at Purbeck School in Dorset was evicted from the grounds a few years ago, leaving only a few articles like this one

And lots, lots more, including the third instalment of our own garden railway project, started in 2006 when the magazine was launched, and the continuing saga of building our own steam locomotive, a Maxitrak Opal.

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