MR59: Forest Row, Barton House, Exmoor Steam



Miniature Railway 59

Exmoor Steam Railway and Forest Row Light Railway
Plus updates on Mease Valley, Cefn Mably, Lakeshore, Fairbourne, Ruislip and Barton House. A very select group with some fascinating back stories




Miniature Railway 59

Cover Story: Forest Row Light Railway
If you don’t live there, you probably don’t know this 7.25″ line. It’s a wonderful rural garden railway, with some ferocious gradients and a small stable of interesting locomotives.

Exmoor Steam Railway
How would you sum up the Exmoor Steam Railway? It’s been one of the biggest miniature railway factories, but it isn’t a factory, it used to run as one of the highest steam railways in Britain, but you can’t go there any more, and it’s changed the face of miniature railweay locomotives. That bit will always be true. We pop back to update the loco list, and get it sort of 95% right. Enigmatic is the best word.

Barton House
Norfolk does things slightly differently. Houses face the water and have a boat-house in place of a garage. And there’s a whole host of interesting railways, this being amongst the most unlikely back gardens you will ever see

Plus letters, and all the latest news.

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