We Bought One! Real-world Experiences with Electric Cars


A digital PDF book packed with information, tips and advice on buying and running an electric car, van, motorcycle or scooter

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We will all be driving electric cars one way or another eventually. Waiting until the final deadline rarely makes sense in practise, and in any event you don’t know what you’re missing if you haven’t dipped a toe in the electric waters yet. It’s fun!
This is a 50-page book full of real testimonies by existing owners of electric vans, cars, motorcycles and scooters. The one common thread linking the stories is that they all enjoy using their vehicles so much they would never go back.

Miniature Railway magazine chose a van – a Peugeot Partner. Choosing can be a bit of a minefield, and one thing we wish we’d had to guide us was information and tips from existing owners. Well, it’s here now, and because it’s published electronically, it costs only £2.99, which also means we can reprint it as information changes. And it IS a very fast-changing world
Published: A to B Books 2020
49 (digital PDF)
Download Size: 3.4Mb

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