Brian Hollingsworth: His 7 1/4″ Gauge Line & Locos DVD 2020 edition!




Brian Hollingsworth 2020 edition

The Brian Hollingsworth story is a long and interesting one – a brilliant railway engineer and mathematician, he toyed with an aeronautical career, but started on the GWR and ended at a Beeching damaged BR. All we are really concerned with here are his fascinating miniature railways, both at home and elsewhere, and the locomotives that ran there, and elsewhere after his death.
This third edition is 30% longer than the second edition, running for over two hours. Footage includes a number of legendary moments from miniature railway history:

1986 Some rare film from the short-lived TinyBwlch railway at Tan-y-Bwlch station in north Wales (see MR 44).

1989 To Weston Park Railway in Staffordshire to see Brian’s controversially regauged Bullock Pacific ‘White Fire’ in action at the 7 1/4″ AGM.

1990 and 1991 Brian Hollingsworth’s own film of his breathtaking Croesor Junction & Pacific Railway in Gwynedd. At this time, it was nearing completion. Features ‘White Fire’, the ‘Darj’, and petrol-hydraulic loco ‘Izzy’.

1993 The legendary Heywood Society visit to the CJ&PR in appalling weather, and featuring the famous ‘parting of the coupling’ on the spiral.

1994 A footplate ride on ‘Izzy’ around the already partially dismantled CJ&PR.

2002 & 2006 Back to Weston Park to see the Garratt under restoration, then running again.

2018 To Eastleigh Lakeside Railway to see ‘White Fire’ regauged to 10 1/4″ and renamed ‘The Monarch’.

Various Sources
The contemporary film and video has been drawn from various sources by Trevor Warner. Some of the early quality is a bit hit-and-miss, but that’s irrelevant when there is so much of interest… You’ll be hooked very quickly. Great value too, at only £12.95

Running Time: 130 minutes
Format: PAL 4:3

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