Welsh Anthracite/Mull Rail/Miniature Railway 50


Once again, we venture far and wide in search of the fascinating, and the frankly unlikely. But it’s all real, from little known 12-inch gauge railways in Australia to the equally unknown Ise Valley near Kettering – a beautifully crafted 71/4-inch gauge freight railway, which has now closed


miniature-railway-50The Last Days at Mull Rail

There are many unfortunate miniature railway closures, but this one was desperately sad. This long 10.25″ line linked the Craignure Ferry Terminal to Torosay Castle. It looked as though it would become one of the great miniature railways, but a change of ownership brought eviction, and that meant closure.

Best Welsh Anthracite

Clean-burning, locally-produced and in many ways superior to steam coal, anthracite has much to recommend it.


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