The Craft of the Fireman


A neat little book, covering everything from the theory of burning coal to advanced driving techniques. An absolutely must for every man-cave and club-room!


craft-of-the-firemanIf you’re building or purchasing a miniature locomotive and you don’t belong to a good club, it’s surprisingly hard getting firm information on exactly how to fire and drive a steam engine. And if you have any sense, you’ll be all too aware that one tiny slip can do irreparable harm to your pride and joy in a matter of minutes.

Written by experienced fireman and coal expert, Trevor Matthews, ‘The Craft of the Fireman’ will give you a thorough grounding in the theory and practise of generating and using steam. The book covers everything from theory to practical advice to help current firemen improve their ‘art’, for that is indeed what it is. So there’s something of value here for everyone from the curious enthusiast to the experienced pro.

It’s not specifically aimed at miniature locomotives, but there really isn’t much difference. In fact, many would argue that miniature machines can be more of a handful than their larger cousins… they can certainly move very rapidly from enthusiasm to lifelessness!

If you are desperately looking for a steam-angled present, at £10.00, this book makes an ideal gift for any enthusiast

A quality A5 paperback book, with numerous photographs, illustrations and diagrams
Published: Mortons Media Group 2020
91 (paperback)

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Weight 620 kg
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