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A to B Magazine – Our sister publication. Produced since 1993, ‘A to B’ is about alternative transport: trains, trams, folding bikes (for carrying on public transport!), electric bikes, bike trailers, solar power. A magazine dedicated to changing the way we get from A to B.

A to B Logo

Miniature Railway World – This is shaping up to be THE most authoritative directory on miniature railways in the UK.

Miniature Railway Museum Trust – Formed to collect, preserve, document, interpret and displays material and artefacts relating to the history of ALL of Britain’s Miniature Railways and their place in the life of the nation.

Exbury Steam Railway – A spectacular and immaculate 12 1/4″ line in the New Forest.

Stapleford Miniature Railway – Based in Stapleford Park, near Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, it is a historic 10.25″ gauge railway running through nearly two miles of scenic line, with five live steam 1/5th scale locos. Only opens twice per year for the local hospice

Weston Miniature Railway – An interesting little line on the seafront at Weston-super-Mare.

Guilford Model Engineer Society

Ten and a Quarter Railway Society – Society specialising in railways of gauges between 7.5″ and 12.25″, principally 10.25″.

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