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Miniature Railway Album: England and Wales - One Foot and Above

This book doesn't pretend to be a gazetteer or history book. It's an album of photographs covering all railways with a gauge of over 12 inches, so predominantly 15-inch gauge, plus the primary 12.25-inch lines. Photographs are all taken in More Info »
Price: £14.95
by David Henshaw

H C S Bullock: His Life and Locomotives

Updated Second Edition! Eighty years ago, in 1937, miniature locomotive engineer H C S Bullock died in tragic circumstances. Fifty years later, his son Kenneth was encouraged to write a book on his father's life and work - principally his More Info »
Price: £11.95
by David Henshaw

Mardyke Miniature Locomotives

NEW in April 2017! Mardyke is best known as a manufacturer of commercial miniature railway equipment, so the name may not be familiar. But commercial doesn't have to mean 'down to a price' or boringly conservative! The company's hallmark is More Info »
Price: £5.50
by David Henshaw

Fairbourne Railway - a Centenary of Steam

Fairbourne Railway wide
Graham Bilington's biography of this iconic 12.25-inch gauge railway was written to celebrate its centenary. The line has survived for a century, running on a number of gauges, with haulage from horse-power to steam and diesel. This book is A4 More Info »
Price: £14.95
by David Henshaw

The Locomotives of Tom Smith

Tom Smith built around 50 miniature locomotive in his suburban garage between 1970 and 1993. Even within this rather niche world he's little known, even though his designs went on to influence a generation. With this book we've set the More Info »
Price: £9.99
by David Henshaw

DVD - The Porters Hill Railway Story

Porters Hill Railwaywide
Porters-Hill-Railway-DVD Continue reading More Info »
Price: £15.00
by David Henshaw

DVD - Still Steaming On

Downs Railwaywide
NEW! This excellent DVD from Nick Dodson's Railfilms tells the story of the unique Downs School Light Railway from its inception as a 7.25-inch line in 1925, regauging to 9.5-inch, some close scrapes over the years, and recent investment that More Info »
Price: £15.00
by David Henshaw

DVD - The Sutton Miniature Railway Story

This excellent DVD from Nick Dodson's Railfilms tells the story of the 15-inch gauge Sutton Miniature Railway in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands. Includes extensive archive film, much of it in colour, plus interviews with those involved. Eventually the line closes, More Info »
Price: £15.00
by David Henshaw

Sylvasprings Watercress Narrow Gauge Railway

The Sylvasprings 18-gauge line at Bere Regis in Dorset is an incredible survivor, and in 2014 it is arguably the last industrial narrow gauge railway of any length in the United Kingdom. This book by Paul Webb tells the story More Info »
Price: £6.95
by David Henshaw

The Chessington Zoo Railway 1931 - 1985

SOLD OUT. Meticulously researched by Ken Bean, this little gem told the fascinating story of the construction of the Chessington Zoo Railway and its unique locomotives, both of which are now happily preserved. We will get new stocks as soon More Info »
Price: £0.00
by David Henshaw

Miniature Railway - New Paper Subscription

Miniature Railway 21
This page is for NEW SUBSCRIPTIONS. If you are renewing your subscription, please click here. Miniature Railway specialises in 5”, 7.25”, 10.25”, 12.25” and 15” miniature railways - both the commercial and garden varieties - and touches upon just about More Info »
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by David Henshaw

The Great Railway Conspiracy

There are plenty of books about Beeching, but only one has been completely updated to mark 50 years since the Beeching report was published. Continue reading More Info »
Price: £14.99
by David Henshaw

Romney Hythe & Dymchurch - Engines, Carriages & Wagons

The Romney Hythe & Dymchurch Railway is one of the most famous miniature railways in the world, with an extraordinary history that includes war service, near bankruptcy, and service trains for school children. Over nine decades the railway has amassed More Info »
Price: £6.99
by David Henshaw

The Jaywick Miniature Railway - A Single to the Seashore

The Jaywick Miniature Railway tells the story of a seaside railway near Clacton in Essex, built to the rare gauge of 18-inches, with motive power provided by an even rarer GNER Stirling Single. That alone makes it an interesting read, More Info »
Price: £6.95
by David Henshaw

The Thakeham Tiles Railway

Thakeham wide
This short industrial railway hung on until 1980, long after the majority of such lines had gone. This late closure allowed it to be properly photographed and surveyed, making a book feasible. There's a happy ending too, because much of More Info »
Price: £4.99
by David Henshaw

The Locomotives of David Curwen

David Curwen was one of the most prolific miniature locomotive builders and his machines amongst the most iconic. Renowned for their simplicity and endurance, most Curwen locomotives have had successful and busy careers and nearly all are running today… a More Info »
Price: £9.95
by David Henshaw

Miniature Railways of Great Britain & Ireland

Miniature railway experts Peter Bryant and Dave Holroyde have brought together information on some 200 miniature railways in Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. A helpful guide covering a very wide selection of lines. Publisher: Platform 5 Weight: 550g
Price: £14.95
by David Henshaw

The Locomotives of Severn-Lamb Ltd

Severn-Lamb was one of the most famous and successful miniature locomotive builders, even sending replicas of US locomotives to America - a real 'coals to Newcastle' exercise. The company still exists today, but sadly its main business is making road More Info »
Price: £9.95
by David Henshaw

Britain's 15-inch-gauge Railways by David R Jones

Down to last three copies! 15-inch gauge railways are at the heart of the miniature railway story, and a little knowledge about these lines helps the reader to make sense of the entire genre. So, yes, this is an important More Info »
Price: £20.00
by David Henshaw