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Tinkerbell – the First 50 Years is a new book that marks a big milestone for the little locomotives that broke the miniature railway mould, putting the driver in rather than behind the locomotive

Carisoprodol online uk, Fedex overnight soma

purchase carisoprodol

Tinkerbell – the First 50 Years

Tinkerbell the book! Half a Century on…

The Tinkerbell broke numerous barriers. It was arguably the first 7 1/4-inch gauge locomotive the driver sat in rather than behind, changing miniature railways forever. This was done by halving the scale of a rugged little 18-inch gauge Beyer Peacock shunter and popping a pony truck on the back to support the driver.
After Tinkerbell, a garden railway changed from being a large model layout to a small railway.
The first Roger Marsh prototype went on to spawn a whole dynasty of variants and sub-variants, varying in size from the original 0-4-2 wheel formation to 2-6-4s and just about everything in between. Newer machines mostly have full cabs (itself a real feat of engineering design), but the cheeky looks, and trademark oversize dome and squat boiler, although some of these have grown quite long over the years.

The Moors Valley Railway
The Moors Valley Railway near Bournemouth is something of a Mecca for Tinkerbells. The railway is almost entirely operated by members of the class, and holding regular running days for enthusiasts. Many Tinkerbell variants are built in the railway’s workshops, some amateur-builds backed by the knowledge and enthusiasm of the railway’s founder Jim Haylock. Paul Ash has developed a close relationship with the railway and the machine. He is recognised as an authority on all things Tinks.

Publisher: Independent Publishing Network
ISBN: 978-1-78926-609-2
Weight: 140g

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Additional information

Weight 140 kg
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