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The story of the last surviving narrow gauge industrial railway in the United Kingdom

Buy soma online shipped cash on delivery, Cheap soma online overnight

carisoprodol online ukThe Sylvasprings 18-gauge line at Bere Regis in Dorset is an incredible survivor, almost certainly the last industrial narrow gauge railway of any length in the United Kingdom. In 2018 it’s still doing the job it was built to do, albeit in truncated form. The line originally ran up the valley to the packing sheds in the village, but now carries cress the much shorter distance to supermarket lorries waiting in the yard. No matter! It’s still doing the job, and doesn’t appear to be under immediate threat of closure.
This book by Paul Webb tells the story of the line’s development and contraction. Drawings are by Paul Webb, and most of the photographs by Miniature Railway ‘pater familias’ Patrick Henshaw.

Weight: 100g

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