Industrial Narrow Gauge Album by Andrew Neale


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A history of industrial narrow gauge railways in the United Kingdom

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industrial-narrow-gaugeA pictorial history of industrial narrow gauge railways
For well over a century, industrial sites were generally built around a narrow gauge railway network. It was by far the most efficient way to move everything from  heavy ores, coal and steel, to processed materials. The in the 1950s and ’60s, the decline of British industry and rise of the motor lorry saw industrial railways almost disappear.

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Photographs of the industrial narrow gauge and are not common. It was hardly a romantic subject for most photographers, and even those with an interest found it hard to believe that such a massive industry would disappear quite as rapidly as it did. This book – with captions and background by Andrew Neale – make a very effective introduction to the industrial narrow gauge railway, covering most eras, most industrial processes, and most locomotive manufacturers.

Publisher: Plateway Press
Published: 2009
ISBN: 1-871980-60-7
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