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carisoprodol online uk

H C S Bullock: His Life and Locomotives

Updated Second Edition!
Eighty years ago, in 1937, miniature locomotive engineer H C S Bullock died in tragic circumstances. Fifty years later, his son Kenneth was encouraged to write a book on his father’s life and work – principally his impressive 10.25-inch miniature locomotives.

Buy soma in Wyoming, Buy soma with without rx

In 2017, as a tribute to father and son, Bob Bullock has brought together new photographs. Many of these are previously unseen – and some are in colour – to produce a second edition to Ken’s 1987 book.
The update has twice as many pages and is packed with new information, with new maps of the Foxhill Miniature Railway, based on the latest research. They give a vivid new insight into this fascinating and at times heartbreaking story.

Publisher: A to B Books
Size: 170mm x 230mm
Weight: buy carisoprodol online

Additional information

Weight 310 kg
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