Miniature Railway Features

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Battle of the Gauges
(Evolution of miniature gauges)
Spring 2006 MR 1
The Bowleaze Switcher
(Evolution of the Switcher Class)
Autumn 2011 MR17
Building a Steam Locomotive
(construction of a Maxitrak Opal kit)
Spring 2006 MR 1
Autumn 2006 MR 2
Winter 2006/7 MR 3
Spring 2007 MR4
Diary of a Small Locomotive
(Story of the T.Smith/P.Henshaw Bowleaze loco)
Winter 2007 MR 3
The Dobwalls Collection
(Dobwalls Locos at Plowmans Nursery)
Jan 2009 MR 9
Driving Experience Courses Jan 2009 MR 9
Electric Point Activator
(review of LMR device)
Summer 2014 MR26 DIGITAL
A Folding Turntable Autumn 2014 MR26 DIGITAL
The Gas Producer System May 2008 MR 7
Heywood-style 2013
(Speculative modern Heywood System)
Spring 2013 MR22
Introduction to Minimal Gauge Early Summer 2014 MR25
The Launch of Channel Packet
(New-build Merchant Navy unveiled)
Winter 2011 MR18
Mapping Miniatures May 2008 MR 7
Marie & Margaret
(Roger Marsh Romulus locos)
Winter 2011 MR18
Miniature Railway Museum Trust May 2009 MR10
Miniature Wheel Notation May 2009 MR10
Minimum Radius Curves Jan 2010 MR12
The Patrick Henshaw Collection
(Miniature Railway Photographs)
Sept 2010 MR14
A Pedal-Powered Railway Summer 2014 MR26 DIGITAL
Penrhyn Points
(kit for building simple points)
Autumn 2014 MR27 DIGITAL
Perrygrove Estate Railway
(Railway experience days)
Spring 2013 MR22
Planning Permission Winter 2007 MR 3
Early Summer 2014 MR25
Puff the HPV Autumn 2013 MR23
(Life story of a Thurston 4-6-2)
May 2010 MR13
The Return of ‘Hybrid’
(rediscovery of loco remains)
Summer 2014 MR26 DIGITAL
Roger Marsh & Tinkerbell Sept 2008 MR 8
Snow Special! Winter 2010/11 MR15
Speed Records Spring 2006 MR 1
The £700 Stock Shed
(building a steel garage)
Autumn 2014 MR27 DIGITAL
Triang Minic Winter 2010/11 MR15
Two Pennies and a Bent Mug Sept 2008 MR 8

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