Miniature Railway Book & DVD Reviews

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30-inch Railways Worldwide
(David Scotney)
Autumn 2013 MR23
A Distinguished Railway Career
(Biography of Edward Cuckney)
February 2008 MR 6
A Single to the Seashore
(Jaywick Miniature Railway)
January 2009 MR 9
The Blakesley Miniature Railway & The Bartholomew Family January 2010 MR12
Brooklands Miniature Railway
(Graham Lelliot)
May 2008 MR 7
Change Here for a Walk in the Woods
(Bentley Miniature Railway)
Spring 2007 MR 4
The Chessington Zoo Railways Winter 2012/13 MR21
Dorset & Somerset Narrow Gauge Spring 2006 MR 1
Driving Steam Locomotives Autumn 2006 MR 2
Farewell to the Sherman Hill Route (DVD)
(Dobwalls Forest Railway)
Winter 2007 MR 3
The Great Railway Conspiracy
(Railway closures in the Beeching era)
Spring 2013 MR22
Heywood Society Journal
(miniature railway magazine)
May 2008 MR 7
A History of the Ernest Dove Railways
(Peter Scott)
Autumn 2012 MR20
How to Build 7 1/4-inch Gauge Points Spring 2014 MR24
Green Dene (Works) Railway (DVD)
(10th Anniversary of Bob Symes’ railway)
Winter 2010/11 MR15
The Heywood Notebooks Winter 2011/12 MR18
Little Peter’s Railway Winter 2011/12 MR18
Jack the Station Cat May 2008 MR 7
Katie’s Other Sisters
(Trevor Guest locos)
October 2007 MR 5
Kerr’s Miniature Railway January 2009 MR 9
The Last Decade of British Railways Steam Spring 2013 MR22
The Locomotives of Severn-Lamb May 2010 MR13
Miniature Locomotives of David Curwen May 2008 MR 7
Miniature Pleasures Vol. 3 (DVD) February 2008 MR 6
Miniature Railways of Great Britain & Northern Ireland
(Peter Bryant & Dave Holroyde)
Spring 2013 MR22
Miniature Railways
(Michael Crofts)
Autumn 2006 MR 2
Miniature Steam Railway Locomotives
(Holroyde & Mundy)
January 2010 MR12
Minor Railways 20th Edition
(UK railway gazeteer)
May 2008 MR 7
Paignton Zoo Railway
(Peter Scott)
January 2009 MR 9
Passenger-Carrying Miniature Railways HSG216
(Health & Safety Guidance)
Spring 2007 MR 4
Peter’s Railway September 2008 MR 8
Autumn 2013 MR22
Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch
(Engines, Carriages & Wagons)
Autumn 2013 MR23
Rule of Thumb
(Biography of David Curwen)
Winter 2007 MR 3
Steamin’ Around the Narrow Gauge 2005 Autumn 2006 MR 2
Still Steaming, Little Puffers & Tiny Trains
(UK Railway Gazeteers)
October 2007 MR 5
Strawberry Line Miniature Railway January 2010 MR12
Sutton Coldfield 15-inch Gauge Railway May 2009 MR10
Sutton Coldfield 15-inch Gauge Railway In Pictures September 2009 MR11
Suffolk Steam Railways January 2010 MR12
Thakeham Tiles Railway May 2009 MR10
Tracks in the Sand (DVD)
(Fairbourne Railway)
October 2007 MR 5
Trainz 2006 (PC)
(Railway Simulator)
February 2008 MR 6
Waverley Route Autumn 2012 MR20


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