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Complete listing of miniature railway and narrow gauge books & DVDs by publication date


Miniature Railway Album – less than One Foot Gauge

Miniature Railway Album
England & Wales
Up to One Foot Gauge

This book has proven extremely popular, which is hardly surprising, given that it covers 31 of the best known 7 1/4″ railways, nearly every 10 1/4″ line and a handful of fascinating oddities as well. This is the second in the Mainline & Maritime series of ‘Pictorial Specials’. The first covered railways of over one foot gauge, and sold out very quickly. Again, not really surprising.

Publisher: Mainline & Maritime Ltd
Published: October 2019
Pages: 112, 220mm x 220mm
Weight: 380g
£16.95 plus total order p&p (£1.99 in the UK, by weight overseas)


Bure Valley Railway – engines, carriages & wagons

Bure Valley Railway
Engines, Carriages & Wagons

This book follows on from the similar book relating to Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch rolling stock. At first glance, the relatively new Bure Valley seems a less promising subject, but for a new railway it has inherited – and in some cases rehabilitated – a lot of interesting equipment, and there are some fascinating new wagons and carriages too. Plus visiting locos too. It’s also impossibly good value for money. Yes, that isn’t a misprint, you really do get 41 pages and 39 excellent photographs for £5.50

Publisher: Narrow Gauge Railway Society
Published: October 2019

Pages: 41, 180mm x 240mm
Weight: 140g
£5.50 plus total order p&p (£1.99 in the UK, by weight overseas)


Next Stop Seaton! – the fully revised and enlarged 2019 edition

Next Stop Seaton!
66 years of Modern Electric Tramways Ltd

The latest enlarged and fully revised 2019 edition of this much-loved book on the Seaton Tramway in Devon, and how and why it came about.

Publisher: Adam Gordon
Published: 4th Edition, February 2019
Pages: 166, A4 format
Weight: 720g
£25.00 plus total order p&p (£1.99 in the UK, by weight overseas)


Brian Hollingsworth 2020 edition

Brian Hollingsworth
His 7 1/4″ Line & Locos
2020 Edition!

Brian Hollingsworth was a legendary character in the 1970s and ’80s, principally for his extraordinary garden railway in north Wales, which wandered up and down precipitous hillsides and over death-defying wooden viaducts. By 1994, the line was on the point of being lifted, but Brian offered Steve Coulson a wagon ride to just about every corner, and this classic video is the result. Later snippets include Brian’s equally legendary Garretts at Weston Park, and this third edition includes a weath of new material including rare footage of the Tan-y-Bwlch railway.

Publisher: Trevor Warner
Published: January 2018, revised and enlarged January 2019, fully revised and enlarged in December 2019
Running Time:
100+ minutes
Format: PAL DVD
£12.95 plus total order p&p (£1.99 in the UK, by weight overseas)


Tinkerbell The First Fifty Years

The First 50 Years

The Tinkerbell was arguably the first 7 1/4-inch gauge locomotive the driver sat in rather than behind, changing miniature railways forever. This was done by halving the scale of a rugged little 18-inch gauge Beyer Peacock shunter and popping a pony truck on the back to support the driver.
After Tinkerbell, garden railways changed from being large model layouts to small railways, and the first Roger Marsh prototype went on to spawn a whole dynasty of variants.

Publisher: Independent Publishing Network
Published: September 2018
ISBN: 978-1-78926-609-2
Weight: 140g
£6.50 plus total order p&p (£1.99 flat-rate in UK, by weight overseas)

The Fairbourne Railway

The Fairbourne Railway
A centenary of Steam

The Fairbourne has had no fewer than two full changes of gauge in its long history, evolving from a short narrow-gauge horse-drawn line to an unusual 12 1/4-inch gauge miniature railway. It’s been around since 1895 and celebrated its 120th anniversary and steam centenary in 2016. The first edition of this book sold out very quickly, so the railway has had it reprinted, but stocks are limited, so – as they say – when it’s gone it’s gone! Big A4 format with stunning colour photos throughout.

Publisher: Mainline & Maritime Ltd / Fairbourne Railway
Republished: August 2018
ISBN: 978-1-900340-24-3
Weight: 410g
£14.95 plus total order p&p (£1.99 flat-rate in UK, by weight overseas)


The Pretenders

The Pretenders
The story of steam-outline miniature locomotives

To say that books on steam-outline locomotives are rare would be an understatement. They don’t exist. Steam-outline locomotives are often used on miniature railways in place of the real thing. You can see why – they’re easy to drive, and smaller passengers probably prefer them, as there are no bells, whistles and hot, sooty bits to worry about.
This new book covers the sector from the very early years to today, but only the wider gauges.

Publisher: Mainline & Maritime Ltd
Published: April 2018
ISBN: 978-1-900340-48-9
Weight: 200g
£9.95 plus total order p&p (£1.99 flat-rate in UK, by weight overseas)

Roanoke Miniature Locomotives
The Roanoke Story

Roanoke miniature locomotives are generally ignored by enthusiasts, but some 65 were made in all. Not great lookers perhaps – especially the steam-outliners – but simple, rugged machines that became firm favourites with commercial operators. Like all NGRS books, Roanoke Miniature Locomotives is well written and carefully researched by experts in the field.

Publisher: Narrow Gauge Railway Society
Publication: October 2018
Weight: 110g
£4.50 plus total order p&p (£1.99 flat-rate in UK, by weight overseas)


Mardyke Miniature Locomotives

Mardyke Miniature Locomotives
The Mardyke Story

Mardyke is best known as a manufacturer of commercial miniature railway equipment, so the name may not be familiar. The company’s specialises in well-finished and well-thought-through machines. The back-catalogue includes such brave ventures as the iconic HST and TGV sets. Just like the real thing, these trains are complete integrated sets, double-ended and with matching carriages.

Publisher: Narrow Gauge Railway Society
Published: March 2017
Weight: 130g
£5.50 plus total order p&p (£1.99 flat-rate in UK, by weight overseas)


Downs Light Railway Steam Gala

The Downs Light Railway DVD
Souvenir DVD of the 90th Anniversary Railway Exhibition & Steam Gala

The Downs School Miniature Railway (now the Downs Light Railway) is a very rare survivor, both in terms of gauge (9 1/2″) and longevity (92 years and counting). This little DVD has been produced as a souvenir of the railway’s ‘rededication’ during the 2017 Railway Exhibition & Steam Gala. Only 30 minutes running time, but packed with interest at a very modest price and all profits go to supporting the railway!

Publisher: Railfilms
Published: December 2017
Running Time:
30 minutes
Format: PAL DVD
£5.00 (post free)

books-hcs-bullock-his-life-and-locomotivesH C S Bullock: His Life & Locomotives
Updated second edition of the classic Bullock biography

Eighty years ago, in 1937, miniature locomotive engineer H C S Bullock died in tragic circumstances. Fifty years later, his son Kenneth was encouraged to write a book on his father’s life and work – principally his impressive 10.25-inch miniature locomotives.
In 2017, as a tribute to father and son, Bob Bullock has brought together new photographs, many previously unseen, and some in colour, to produce a second edition to Ken’s 1987 book.
The update has twice as many pages and is packed with new information, with new maps of the Foxhill Miniature Railway, based on the latest research. They give a vivid new insight into this fascinating and at times heartbreaking story.

Publisher: A to B Books
Published: April 2017
Size: 170mm x 230mm
Weight: 300g
£11.95 plus total order p&p (£1.99 flat-rate in UK, by weight overseas)

books-miniature-railway-albumMiniature Railway Album:
England & Wales, One Foot & Above
Photograph album covering lines of 12.25″ gauge & above

This album of photographs covers all railways with a gauge of over 12 inches, so predominantly 15-inch gauge.
Photographs are all taken in the modern era, and most are large and of exceptional quality, emphasised by a gloss paper, which really brings out the detail. If you like your photos rich and full of colour, this book is for you. Includes many rarities and private lines.

Publisher: Mainline & Maritime Ltd
Published: 2017
Size: 220mm x 220mm
Weight: 385g
£16.95 plus total order p&p (£1.99 flat-rate in UK, by weight overseas)

books-locomotives-of-tom-smithThe Locomotives of Tom Smith
Biography of the prolific locomotive manufacturer

Tom Smith built around 50 – mainly 7.25″ gauge – miniature locomotive in his suburban garage between 1970 and 1993. Even within this niche world he’s little known, but though his designs went on to influence a generation. With this book we’ve set the record straight, tracking down rare photographs, and unearthing a few long-forgotten locomotives too.

Plans and Drawings
As there is now such an interest in re-using Tom’s iconic designs, we’ve included plans and drawings wherever possible to assist with new builds. If you want to build and operate an economical garden railway, this is the place to start!

Publisher: A to B Books
Published: May 2016
Pages: 112
Size: 170mm x 230mm
Weight: 276g
£9.99 plus total order p&p (£1.99 flat-rate in UK, by weight overseas)

books-the-great-railway-conspiracyThe Great Railway Conspiracy
David Henshaw’s account of the ‘Beeching’ railway closures

The story of the build-up, execution and aftermath of Dr Beeching’s ‘Reshaping’ report of 1963. If that sounds dry and depressing, the final chapters of the book look in some details at the success of railways that have been brought back, and suggests a top list of future candidates.

Publisher: A to B Books
Published: May 2013
Pages: 304
Size: 170mm x 230mm
Weight: 720g
£14.99 (plus total order p&p £1.99 flat-rate in UK, by weight overseas)

sylvasprings-watercress-narrow-gauge-railwayThe Sylvasprings Watercress Narrow Gauge Railway
The story of a little railway that has survived against all odds

Narrow gauge industrial railways are dead aren’t they? Not quite. In deepest, darkest Dorset, a solitary line has survived. It’s now thought to be the only narrow gauge freight operation in the UK, and one of very few 18-inch gauge lines of any kind worldwide. This story, ably told by Paul Webb, is largely illustrated with photographs taken by Miniature Railway founder Patrick Henshaw in the 1960s and ’70s.

Reprint by: Moseley Railway Trust
Published: 2015
Pages: 304
Size: 210mm x 297mm
Weight: 90g
£6.95 plus total order p&p (£1.99 flat-rate in UK, by weight overseas)

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