Exact Editions subscribers – an announcement

As of Monday 4th June 2018, our long-standing relationship with digital magazine producer Exact Editions came to an end. We have been selling our own digital downloads for some time, and we hope new subscribers will enjoy this much cheaper option.
For existing Exact Edition subscribers, the company will continue to honour all subscriptions until they expire. When this happens, we hope you will wish to continue with our digital edition. This costs only £3.99 per year – much cheaper than the Exact Editions package. Transfer your subscription HERE.
Our system is a little different. Instead of giving you a personal web dashboard, allowing access to digital magazine held by Exact Editions, we send individual magazines as PDF files, which you can keep, building up your own library. These PDFs are better quality, but you do not receive back-numbers, unless you order a memory stick containing all our digital back numbers – No. 6, plus 24-40 inclusive. This costs £11.20 and can be found HERE.

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